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The Weapon Retention Catch is made from Marine Grade Aluminum, wrapped
in Mil-Spec fabrics, and coated with a durable polymer-ceramic. When ounces matter, Falcon Breaching’s Weapon Retention Catch is lightweight, durable, and can be mounted and dismounted quickly on the operator’s belt using a high-quality, reliable polymer mounting system.

Both the Standard and Slim Weapon Retention Catches are rigid, and are able to be bent to
accommodate various weapons systems and accessories.

Standard Size

The Standard design allows for multiple different weapon platforms, to include a breaching
shotgun equipped with a receiver mounted side-saddle.

Slim Size

The slim design is a low-profile Weapons Retention Catch designed for smaller weapon
platforms, and breaching shotguns without a receiver mounted side-saddle.


Standard – OUTSIDE measurements- L 4.5” x W 4.0” (including mounting bracket) x H 2.0”
INSIDE measurements- L 4” x W 2.75”
WEIGHT- 6.8 ounces

Slim- OUTSIDE measurements- L 3.5” x W 3.5” (including mounting bracket) x H 2.0”
INSIDE measurements- L 3.0” x W 2.0”
WEIGHT- 5.8 ounces

Color Selection: Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multi-Cam

Each weapons catch is individually handcrafted and will have slight variation from unit to unit. 3-4 week production time on all weapons catch orders.