The Schivv™ forcible entry straight prybar is comprised of hexagonal 4140 high strength alloy steel, wrapped in military grade 550 cord. The Prybar has a milled dual tapered point. This tool can be used in a variety of applications including prying, cutting, forcible entry, lifting, hole punching or as a wedge. Each Schivv™ is individually handcrafted and will have slight variation from unit to unit.


The Vitruv™ is a mechanical beaching ram specifically designed with the operator in mind. Comprised of high strength alloy steel, well balanced and built to last. The Vitruv™ is internally dampened with a polyurethane material, that has been scientifically proven to reduce vibrations up to 30%. This design aids in reducing the energy transfer from the tool to the operator, in an effort to minimize operator fatigue and reduce potential injury. The exterior of the Vitruv™ is entirely coated in a durable black textured urethane.

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This tool is for use by trained individuals. The use of safety glasses and gloves are required while using the equipment. Operator assumes all liability. Each unit is handmade and will have small variations from unit to unit. All purchasers must be over the age of 18. By purchasing this product you agree that Falcon Breaching will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries due to misuse or mishandling of product. Purchasing of this product means you have agreed to these terms and accept liability.